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Fellow Travelers

I have traveled across the midriff of america in semidarkness

the windows closed so I cannot see

what waters stretch out before us or what cities alongside us

the darkness and smells of sleep surround me

and my companions rest their arms against my arms, thin

layers of fabric all that keep our skin from touching

as we speed through the sky in this act of levitation

and combustion

I read that the cloud industry now

contributes as much carbon dioxide

to the atmosphere as all of aviation

and I’m left wondering how it is

that even thoughts can cause tropical storms

even clouds make fire and smoke

these words depend on the cold rushing-forth of captured waters

where fish no longer swim upstream

on this plane we are all staring

at the same tiny animated visions but if I lift my eyes

this room is full of human bodies

the backs of their heads

are turned towards me, the other sides entrained

by a song and dance number illustrating

what to do in an emergency

well I think we have an emergency now

we are all deranged by loneliness

and cannot tear our eyes away

while the screens keep telling us

just a little bit further now

and you’ll be there

and all the while



coming… Read the rest

The setting sun fills the darkening blue-purple sky with pink and orange streaks, vivid enough to catch my attention through the kitchen window. I step out onto the deck and the cool air on my face reminds me: It’s all still here.… Read the rest

in the train window
a flock of black birds
against the indigo sky
and like ghost birds
the reflections of streetlights… Read the rest

window seat


the shadow moves gently

across the engine

and I realize the plane is rocking very slightly

as the captain’s hands on the controls

— or perhaps it is the autopilot

so it is the hands of the engineers

who typed the code —

are just barely rocking the plane 

and all of us within it

slipping through the currents of the sky

so softly we can’t

even feel it… Read the rest

A few thoughts on ModPo

I was reluctant at first: A friend had taken the ModPo poetry course — twice — and she’s now pursuing an MFA at Columbia, living in a 4th-floor walkup while her wife remains here in San Francisco. I don’t need that kind of hassle in my life.… Read the rest

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