Dylan Tweney is an award-winning journalist with twenty years’ experience covering science, technology, and business.

I am an expert in explaining complex technological and scientific issues to general audiences. I have written for a wide variety of national publications, online and in print, have written regular weekly columns for VentureBeat, Business 2.0, and InfoWorld, and have been a print and online editor at VentureBeat, Wired, Mobile/Mobile PC, InfoWorld, and PC/Computing magazines.

Some of my published work: VentureBeat | Wired | Mobile | Business 2.0


Egnyte founder Vineet Jain is driven to succeed — and share
He laughs as he remembers arriving in the San Francisco airport in 1993. “I had a single $100 bill, folded up in my shirt pocket,” he says. Now, he’s running rapidly growing hybrid cloud company Egnyte — his second startup — and living the Silicon Valley dream. He is looking to buy a house somewhere on the San Francisco peninsula, planning for his company’s next funding round, and looking at schools for his almost kindergarten-age son. (VentureBeat, 2013-09-06)

How to Make a Clock Run for 10,000 Years
For Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com, the clock is not just the ultimate prestige timepiece. It’s a symbol of the power of long-term thinking. His hope is that building it will change the way humanity thinks about time, encouraging our distant descendants to take a longer view than we have. (Wired, 2011-06-23)

DIY Freaks Flock to ‘Hacker Spaces’ Worldwide
People worldwide are flocking to hacker spaces like Noisebridge, where like-minded geeks gather to work on personal projects, learn from each other and hang out in a nerd-friendly atmosphere. Like artist collectives in the ’60s and ’70s, hacker spaces are springing up all over. (Wired.com, 2009-03-29)

New Chips Poised to Revolutionize Photography, Film
For the first time, professional-grade single-lens reflex cameras are gaining the ability to record high-definition video. That capability, photographers say, has the potential to transform both still photography and moviemaking — and it’s largely thanks to advances in the semiconductor technology used to make the image sensors inside these cameras. (Wired.com, 2008-10-09)

So Long, Bill Gates, and Thanks for the Monopoly
He’s a merciless competitor, a shameless “fan” of other people’s ideas and an unapologetic monopolist. And because of all that, Bill Gates has done more to create the thriving computer industry than anybody else. (Wired.com, 2008-06-27)

What’s Inside Your Laptop?
This is the story of how quartz becomes a computer, and it’s a story that—for the typical notebook computer—stretches across nearly every continent, dozens of countries, and literally hundreds of different companies. (PC Magazine, 2007-03-14)

Blast to the Past
To decode da Vinci, you need a firm grasp of art. To learn from Archimedes, you need to get your hands on something a bit more sophisticated. Like a synchrotron that accelerates electrons to nearly the speed of light to produce x-rays. (WIRED, 2006-07-01)

Mobile Film School
How to get the most out of your camcorder–even if you don’t have Spielberg’s talent or Lucas’s budget. A detailed 10-page feature, including lots of tips and reviews, from the final issue of Mobile. (PDF) (Mobile, November 2005)

eMate: Technology that never had a chance.
Eulogy for a doomed laptop. (Salon, 1998-03-17)

Searching is My Business: A Gumshoe’s Guide to the Web.
How to search the Web, film noir style. 1996 Maggie Award Winner, Best How-To Article. (PC World, December 1996)

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–Amy Johns, formerly of Business 2.0