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A delicious mid-life mocktail

Note: This article first appeared in Popula on March 28, 2019. Approaching 50, I went a little bonkers. I grew a beard, started waking up early in the morning to meditate, got into long email and phone conversations with a couple of spiritually-inclined friends, and started going to weekly meetings
Dylan Tweney 5 min read
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The Undesigned Web

Design reigned supreme in the 20th century, when it was an integral part of the way artists, publishers, governments and political parties communicated to the first mass audiences. Message and presentation were inextricably intertwined, with the latter lending power, impact and even meaning to the f
Dylan Tweney 1 min read
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Grayson is a book by long-distance swimmer Lynne Cox about her encounter with a baby whale and her adventure guiding it back to sea. I came to read it because I’ve been taking my nine-year-old daughter on occasional early-morning swims. She’s one of those kids who loves the ocean, and really water o
Dylan Tweney 2 min read
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.haiku column No. 1 – Haiku Society of America

Thanks to the internet, haiku is making a return to the kind of collaborative, interactive spirit out of which it originally emerged almost four centuries ago. As the editor of tinywords, I’ve seen this kind of evolution emerge spontaneously on many occasions. To see what I mean, let’s first rewind
Dylan Tweney 3 min read
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Cool Tool: Topeak Mini 6

This incredibly compact, bike-oriented multi-tool has five different sizes of Allen wrench plus a Phillips screwdriver head, all of which folds up into a little pod about the size of a walnut. Sometimes I’ll carry it in my pocket or toss it in shoulder bag; mostly I keep it in the under-seat pouch o
Dylan Tweney 1 min read
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What’s Inside Your Laptop?

Here at PC Magazine, we’ve been prying open notebooks ever since notebooks existed. We can’t help it–we’re just curious. But this kind of curiosity is hard on the computers themselves. (To the many manufacturers whose fine products we’ve destroyed over the years: We’re sorry. Really.) If you’re curi
Dylan Tweney 8 min read
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Ultra Wideband Will Cut the Cable Clutter

LAS VEGAS–New wireless networking technologies are poised to cut the cable clutter on your desktop–starting with USB cables. At CES 2007, vendors including Tzero, Alareon, Staccato, and even DaimlerChrysler are demonstrating wireless networking technologies based on ultrawideband (UWB). And in the c
Dylan Tweney 2 min read


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