I’m a writer and editor.

In my work life, I help companies tell their stories (through text, audio, and video) in order to increase brand awareness and influence. An experienced journalist, I bring my love of storytelling and rapid, accurate, surprising, and delightful content production skills to every project I do. The teams I’ve led have won awards and have helped put tech brands and publications on the map.

Contact info: My coordinates are in the icons at the top of this page, including my email address and phone number.

I’ve been blogging since the last millennium (my first post, on Blogger, was in November 1999), mostly about tech and media but sometimes about swimming or running or the Bay Area or life with kids. I try to write and draw every day, and if you’re into that sort of thing, most of my poetry and artsy stuff is on my Tumblr, What Is Found There.

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Professional Bio:

Dylan Tweney is Highwire PR’s editor in chief, and is focused on and is focused on generating world-class content and communications strategies for Highwire clients. He’s a writer, editor, and journalist with 20+ years of experience working in national media outlets and technology companies, producing award-winning content and driving coverage, awareness, and ROI.

Dylan was previously VP of Communications and Research for email security startup Valimail, founder of content strategy agency Tweney Media, editor-in-chief of of tech news site VentureBeat (2011-2015), and senior editor at Wired (2007-2011). He’s been writing, editing, and publishing professionally for over two decades.

He’s also the founder of tinywords, a daily journal of haiku and micropoetry.

When he’s not working, he’s probably out swimming in the nearest body of water.

See LinkedIn for more details. Here’s a photo of Dylan.

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