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  • AIM: dtweney (preferably OTR chat for security)
  • Skype: dtweney
  • Google Talk: same as my personal email

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  1. Bob

    I just found out today, my issue didn’t show up, instead I received Maximum PC and a letter in it regarding Mobile not publishing anymore.

    I enjoyed each issue of Mobile. I’m a EE by schooling, last 10 years I went to the dark side of sales and marketing and travel for work much more than most EE’s do. I have 26 years on the job, and lots of miles under my belt.

    On the road demos, email, website design while in a hotel room. I very much enjoyed the magazine. I’m am so sorry to see it go. I was going to let my subscription to another PC mag lapse, but not my Mobile.

    Dang it.


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