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They are cutting down the pine tree on the corner. It was maybe 80’ tall and almost three feet in diameter, perfectly healthy, an old tree full of years. And now it’s mostly wood chips. Today, for the first time in weeks, the sky is blue, and there is more of it than before.

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Watch out for that first step


At the Zen group, after sitting for half an hour, we took turns reading from Charlotte Joko Beck’s Everyday Zen. The key question in the selection we read, on what the practice is: What can you rely on?… Read the rest


The dogs have fleas. The cat keeps pooping on the kitchen floor. The house is of course a mess, and my daughter is graduating from high school tomorrow — assuming she got rid of that F in English. 

Meanwhile, my wife is recovering from her 2nd eye surgery in a month, after two months of eye problems that have kept her inside, unable to drive or to be in bright light very much.… Read the rest

The world constantly reminds us that nothing is permanent. Nothing escapes destruction.

wisteria in bloom ::

what the old stones don’t tell… Read the rest


the bowl holds five yolks

from three eggs ::

suddenly thinking about

the lives of the chickens… Read the rest

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