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Storylines is an independent publication launched in February 2024 by Dylan Tweney, focused on the craft of finding and refining powerful stories. This newsletter is for you if:

  • you're interested in learning how to find your authentic story and tell it to the world
  • you're an entrepreneur or tech leader looking for practical advice on how to communicate better
  • you're a content professional interested in learning how to work more effectively with collaborators
  • you're a writer looking for encouragement, tips, and inspiration.

The newsletter is focused on the craft of storytelling and content creation and will also include examples of great storytelling as well as tips, tricks, processes, templates, and best practices.

If you subscribe today, you'll have full access to the website and future email newsletters. For now, it's all free.

Your subscription gives you access to the comments section and the Storylines community. It also gives me encouragement to continue publishing. Thank you!

This website is also my blog, which includes rough drafts of otherwise unpublished essays on various topics, such as swimming, mindfulness, eclipses, and more. It also includes a portfolio of my published work as a journalist. I won't include most of those posts in my newsletter unless they are good examples of storytelling.

Past issues

Check out the archive of Storylines for all the posts on the storytelling that I've published.


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