About Dylan

Dylan Tweney is an award-winning writer, editor, and journalist.

DFT faceTweney is the editor-in-chief of VentureBeat, a former Wired editor, and a longtime tech columnist.

At VentureBeat, he oversees a global news team of more than a dozen journalists. Since he joined the site in 2011, its audience has more than tripled, to 6.5 million monthly visitors.

He writes the site’s “Dylan’s Desk” column, a weekly series on Silicon Valley, the tech industry, and the impacts of technology on business strategy.

Previously, he was a senior editor at Wired, leading the publication’s gadget and business blogs and, briefly, its science blog. Prior to Wired, he worked at three different content startups and wrote widely read columns for national magazines Business 2.0 and InfoWorld.

media appearances

NBC Bay Area, “Press Here,” March 2015

Fox Business, segment on CES and upcoming gadgets, January 2015

Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo, about the Amazon Fire phone, June 2014

KRON-4, on our hopes for an Apple watch, September 2013

ABC Bay Area, about Yahoo’s new logo, August 2013

Revision3, on Steve Ballmer and Microsoft, July 2013

KQED Forum, with Michael Krasny, on Facebook’s IPO, February 2012

Wired Video, a solo standup giving a preview of CES, January 2010

more media

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