About Dylan


I am a writer, editor, and journalist.

I’m the editor-in-chief at VentureBeat, where I’ve been running the news team since June, 2011. Here’s my author page and bio on VentureBeat.

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I also publish tinywords, the world’s smallest magazine, and have done so since 2000.

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Previously, I was a senior editor at Wired, editorial director at PCMagCast, executive editor at Mobile (aka Mobile PC), and contributor and columnist at a wide variety of publications including Business 2.0 and InfoWorld.

I am a 1991 graduate of Williams College, where I majored in religion and studied poetry. I have worked as a weed whacker, pizza chef, ESL teacher, and environmental activist, and won the Boston Poetry Slam in 1992.

If you can’t find me at one of the links above, I’m probably out riding my bike.