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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-M1

Sony DSC-M1 cameraImagine that your digital camera developed cell phone envy and tried to transform itself into a hip, nightclubbing swivel-phone from Virgin Mobile. Next imagine that it fell in love with a Wall Street banker and decided to put on a sophisticated, charcoal-black finish reminiscent of a chunk of hematite.… Read the rest

LG VX6100

LG VX6100 phoneSometimes, simplicity wins the day. While other phones seek the prize for the slimmest profile, the lightest weight, the biggest LCD, or the loudest ring tone, LG’s VX6100 succeeds by offering a straightforward set of useful features in a sleek, if unremarkable, package.… Read the rest

Fogware Internet Radio Recorder

We’ve been looking for a way to beef up our music collections without dipping into the ramen noodle fund ever since the iron fist of the law came smashing down on the paradise of free file-trading that was Napster. That’s why we were excited to try Fogware’s Internet Radio Recorder, a Windows program that, for the price of a couple of CDs, lets us save internet radio streams to our heart’s content.… Read the rest

Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Pro

Verbatim Store Sure, it may not look like much. But the Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Pro has a lot going for it — not the least of which is its 6.8MB-per-second write speed, the fastest of any thumbdrive we’ve tested. When you’re rushing to get the last few files onto your virtual briefcase so that you can head home for the weekend, write speeds like this make a big difference.… Read the rest

Maxtor OneTouch II

Maxtor OneTouch IIBackups are boring. Backups are tedious. That’s why no one backs up — and why, one day, you’ll inevitably lose everything you own to a hard-drive crash. Maxtor’s OneTouch II can save you from that miserable fate by making backups as simple as poking a little blue button.… Read the rest

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