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Remote Workers of Your Company, Unite!

Pity the vendors of online collaboration software. Companies such as eRoom, Intraspect, WebEx (WEBX), and even Microsoft (MSFT) (with its SharePoint products) have been trying for years to overcome the barriers of physical distance and eliminate business travel, with software that lets people in different locations work together without leaving their desks.… Read the rest

Rehearsing for Success

Want to win your next negotiation? Role-playing, that much-maligned management technique, could actually do the trick.
From the July, 2002 issue of Business 2.0, page 94

Try this experiment: Mention the term “role-playing” to your colleagues and note whether they a) roll their eyes, b) groan bitterly, c) guffaw, or d) all of the above.… Read the rest

Loudcloud Discovers Market Darwinism

Loudcloud announced this week that it would exit the Web outsourcing business. Does that mean you should think about running your website in-house? Not necessarily.

As recently as a year ago, managed service providers (MSPs) seemed to be a pretty good bet.… Read the rest

Information You Need, Almost Anywhere

Truant officers in Boston are testing a new system that shows how mobile applications are supposed to work.

Elliot Feldman, director of alternative education for Boston Public Schools, has no illusions about his job. Among other duties, he oversees the school system’s truant officers and meets with every unofficially absent student they pull off the streets.… Read the rest

Minding the E-Store

Web merchants are flooded with so much information on consumer traffic that they can’t make sense of it all. A new software system might help.

When you enter a department store, there’s a good chance that your every move is being watched and assessed.… Read the rest

A Smarter Way to Buy Bandwidth

The ISP market is about as orderly as a medieval bazaar. Fortunately, new route-control products may give corporate buyers an edge.

You might think that the market for Internet bandwidth would be a paragon of capitalist rationality. After all, isn’t bandwidth a commodity?… Read the rest

Buying Industrial-Strength Tech on the Cheap

How do you run an IT department on a tight budget? Two words: Linux and eBay.

Five years ago, if you had proposed running some of your company’s most critical applications on an operating system originally developed by a longhaired Finnish teenager and given away for free, your IT manager would have laughed you out of his office.… Read the rest

Does Your Company Need a CTO?

The economy may have slowed down, but that doesn’t mean the pace of technological change has abated. If anything, choices about technology are getting harder to make — you have a smaller budget to work with and more options for how to spend it.… Read the rest

Is Java Obsolete?

Sun’s programming language is great for linking corporate applications to the Internet. Trouble is, Web services promise to do the same thing.

from Business 2.0, April 2002 issue

At Ford Financial, the financial services arm of Ford Motor, Java is the glue that ties together the company’s disparate information systems.… Read the rest

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