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Java on Your Mobile Phone?

Sun Microsystems brought a civil suit against Microsoft last Friday, alleging that the Redmond-based company unfairly used its operating-system monopoly to undermine Java. (Lawsuits against Microsoft are becoming so popular that I predict you’ll soon be able to file one at your local ATM.)… Read the rest

Your Data Is Gone, But It’s Not Forgotten

Deleted e-mail and computer files have a nasty habit of coming back at the most awkward times — like in the middle of a lawsuit. What can you do about it?

When you feed a piece of paper into a shredder, the resulting pile of strips is good for little more than packing material.… Read the rest

Weblogs Make the Web Work for You

Public relations pros have long monitored newspapers and magazines for coverage of their companies. Internet-savvy PR people add online discussion boards and Usenet forums to their tracking lists in order to stay on top of rumors that could move their companies’ stock prices or affect sales of their products.… Read the rest

Network Defense for Super Bowl Sunday

There are a few occasions during which information systems have to function absolutely perfectly, with no margin for error and zero tolerance for downtime: military invasions, open-heart surgery, major financial transactions — and Super Bowl Sunday.

In preparation for this weekend’s game, the National Football League has moved more than 250 staff members from the league’s Manhattan headquarters to a field station in New Orleans.… Read the rest

Where Did All the Online Bargains Go?

A few years ago, online shoppers could buy hit CDs for $9.99 or less with free shipping, best-selling books for 30 to 50 percent off the cover price, and all manner of apparel, electronics, toys, and pet food for substantial discounts over their real-world prices (and did we mention the free shipping?).… Read the rest

Minimalist Approach to Technology

“Less is more,” cried the Minimalists of the 1960s art scene, stripping their canvases down to the barest essentials of color, shape, and line. Japanese auto manufacturers brought a similar sensibility to the auto world in the 1970s, building reliable and economical compact cars that quickly outsold the oversize, overstyled gas hogs built by American manufacturers.… Read the rest


The Internet disappeared at midnight on Dec. 1 for 850,000 subscribers to AT&T Broadband’s cable modem service. That’s when AT&T’s insolvent broadband partner, ExciteAtHome, officially pulled the plug, cutting off Internet access for AT&T customers as a cost-cutting measure. In the following days, AT&T scrambled to restore Internet service to its customers to try to prevent them from switching in disgust to another Internet service provider.… Read the rest

Are You Broadcasting Secrets Over the Airwaves?

Wireless technology has developed ahead of most companies’ ability to keep their networks safe.

In principle, wireless networks sound like a great idea: no cabling to pull through the walls and ceilings, no nasty wires tangling themselves up behind your desk, no need for laptop or handheld users to remain rooted to a single location.… Read the rest

Table Is Set for Web Telephony

Switching to a voice-over-IP phone system can cut your interoffice long-distance bills to zero and reduce administrative headaches. So what are you waiting for?

For years now, the promised convergence of voice networks and the Internet has failed to materialize. It’s a bit like watching Bullwinkle Moose try to impress his buddy Rocket J.… Read the rest

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