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Month: May 2006 (Page 2 of 3)

Technorati blues.

technorati.gifDon’t even get me started on Technorati. The endless waiting while their servers churn along. The unpredictable outages. The bizarre way in which they organize the wealth of bloggy information they supposedly index.

But maybe I’m just taking this a little personally.… Read the rest

Shuffle puzzle.

shuffle click wheelYou’d think the iPod Shuffle would work just like any other iPod. But there are some inexplicable differences. For instance, most iPods you can plug into any computer and play the music that’s on them through ITunes. Not so with the Shuffle–when you plug it in, your only option is to reload the thing with songs from the current computer, or else ignore it completely (in which case you can’t put songs on it or play songs from it).… Read the rest

SF bloggers.

A friend asked if I could name a few San Francisco-based bloggers. It was harder than I expected, though there are certainly a few. Here’s an off-the-top-of-my-head list of bloggers I know of, in and around San Francisco:

Craig Newmark

Valleywag (a flagrantly commercial effort to capitalize on a particular region, not a human being who happens to live in that region–but what the hell)

Chris Nolan

Tom Foremski

Anil Dash though he’s really just a New Yorker living temporarily in SF

Ben and Mena Trott, founders of Movable Type and Six Apart

Evan Williams, the founder of Blogger

Chris Null

Cooking with Amy

Matt Mullenweg (WordPress founder)

John Battelle (in Sausalito now, but hell, that’s the Bay Area)

Kevin Kelly (Pacifica)

Scot Hacker (somewhere in the Mysterious East Bay)

Seems like bloggers everywhere else are banding together around geography, throwing dinner parties and forming mutual admiration societies.… Read the rest

Scan This Book!

Kevin Kelly takes 10 pages to wind up to this original idea: “Copyrights must be counterbalanced by copyduties. In exchange for public protection of a work’s copies (what we call copyright), a creator has an obligation to allow that work to be searched.”… Read the rest

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