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Month: May 2006 (page 1 of 6)

Neutral Net? Who Are You Kidding?

Net neutrality: Never had it, never will: Neutral Net? Who Are You Kidding?

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Edge: Jaron Lanier on Digital Maoism

Jaron Lanier says Wikipedia’s not only stupid, it’s “boring”: DIGITAL MAOISM: The Hazards of the New Online Collectivism

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Kings of All Media

Kings of All Media

Adding a computer to your home theater no longer means crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. All of the rigs here handle video and audio with aplomb, and even play saved movies while burning DVDs.… Read the rest

Get blacklisted by Google in just one day!

Last week, my haiku site, tinywords, appeared as the 30th-40th result on a search for haiku on Google. This week, it’s not in the top 500. What happened?

I think Google is punishing me for mentioning the word “haiku” too many times in a previous post, which I admit I did in a fit of pique.… Read the rest

How to facilitate great conversations on your blog.

The essence of good conversation is give and take. The problem blog-based “conversations” is that the essential give and take is almost always missing. I might say something provocative on my blog, and you might be moved to comment, but that’s usually where the back and forth ends.… Read the rest

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