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The Art of the Pitch: Be Direct

At Microsoft’s Silicon Valley headquarters Monday evening, a couple hundred entrepreneurs and investors gathered to schmooze, eat mashed-potato-and-roast-beef hors-d’oeuvres from martini glasses, and spend a few desultory moments looking over the eight companies on display in the middle of the meeting room.… Read the rest

A Solid That’s Light as Air

If you wanted to catch a few particles of comet dust speeding through the vacuum of space at 6 kilometers per second — without damaging or destroying those particles — how would you do it?

Faced with exactly this problem, scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory focused on aerogel — an extremely lightweight, porous material that is chemically identical to glass, but weighs only a little more than air.… Read the rest

Here Comes a Google for Coders

For most people, open source is a synonym for free software. But for programmers, open source is about sharing code, building on the work of others and not having to reinvent the wheel — at least, that’s the ideal. In practice, code reuse remains very low, because it’s often too hard for programmers to find relevant bits of code for their applications.… Read the rest

Screening the Latest Bestseller

Electronic books have traditionally gone straight from the manufacturer to the remainders bin — but the market has never gone away entirely, despite years of tepid sales and failed predictions.

Now a new device from Sony is generating buzz worthy of a Stephen King novel.… Read the rest

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