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Artist’s NSFW Creations Envision Robot Sex

Link: Artist’s NSFW Creations Envision Robot Sex

Link broken? Try the Wayback Machine.

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The ‘Most Hated Man’ in the Tech Business Gets PWNED

Bill Lerach, the securities lawyer whom WIRED magazine called a “bloodsucking scumbag” in 1996, has finally met his match. Lerach is set to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy involving his former law firm, Milberg Weiss, the Wall Street Journal reports (subscription required).… Read the rest

I Want My Two Hundred Dollars!

Two_dollarsOK, I’ll admit it. I paid the stupid tax. The early adopter tax. Whatever you want to call it, I knew I was paying a premium for my iPhone when I bought it two months ago on the day it launched.… Read the rest

Filmmakers Chase Their Dream–On a Segway

Josh Caldwell and Hunter Weeks were bored with their cubicle-farm jobs, making good money but feeling empty and unfulfilled. Like many white-collar workers, they dreamed of a life beyond the veal-fattening pens. But unlike most, they found a unique way to bust out of their corporate prison: They rode a Segway, at 10 mph, from Seattle to Boston, and in the process turned themselves into filmmakers.… Read the rest

Virgin America: Like a Multimillion-Dollar IPod. That Flies.

Inaugural Virgin America flight from JFK landing at San Francisco airportVirgin America launched its U.S. air service yesterday, and immediately staked a claim as the most geek-friendly airline yet invented. It’s also one of the most comfortable and pleasant to fly in — and it’s reasonably priced.

I flew in the inaugural flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco.… Read the rest

Book Review: It’s Not News, It’s Fark

FarkbookDrew Curtis may run one of the funniest news aggregation sites around, but just because he’s a joker, don’t make the mistake of thinking he doesn’t really understand the news. If his claims are to be believed, Curtis has probably read more news stories in the eight years he’s been running Fark than anyone who actually works in the journalism business.… Read the rest

Book Review: Brazen Careerist Gives Advice on Hacking Corporate Culture

Penelope Trunk helped convince me to take my current job at Wired News, and it was great advice — I love my job. As my friend, her advice is supportive, sympathetic, frank, and cuts through the crap: Just what you wish all of your friends’ advice would be like.… Read the rest

Geeks and Suits Rub Shoulders at GigaOm Party

Om Malik and TheLadders.com CEO Mark Cenedella joined forces to throw a cocktail party at San Francisco’s Pier 38 Thursday evening. Was this a turning point for the boomlet of optimism and hope that has been tagged with the lame moniker of “web 2.0”?… Read the rest

Party in a NASA Hangar Gives a Glimpse of Space Culture

MOFFETT FIELD, California — Twenty-year Jet Propulsion Laboratory veteran Charles White drove 350 miles from Pasadena to attend what amounted to a rave in Hangar 211 at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View on Friday night.

It was worth it, he said.… Read the rest

Kathy Sierra Case: Few Clues, Little Evidence, Much Controversy

In the mountain of commentary that has been published about the Kathy Sierra affair on blogs and in mainstream publications, one fact has so far remained obstinately unconfirmed: Who was it that posted threatening messages and images on Sierra’s website and on two other blogs?… Read the rest

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