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Month: November 2006 (Page 2 of 3)

Laptop batteries on fire.

Here’s a 5-minute video showing what happens when a laptop battery ignites: It sets off a chain reaction, where successive battery cells ignite, each one releasing more heat and increasingly big jets of flame (up to 6 feet high). Amazing and scary.… Read the rest

Instant haiku.

This is kind of cool: TextMarks is a service that lets you create your own custom SMS quick-response codes. People enter the code and send it to the TextMark short code (41411), and then they get the text that you specify, in return.… Read the rest

Going to Nashville.

Not because of my bluegrass banjo-pickin’ talent, but because I’ve just been selected to go take part in The Climate Project’s next training session, Dec. 1-3.

Along with about 200 other volunteers, I’m going to get trained by Al Gore, so that I can go out and give presentations on the global climate crisis and what people can do about it.… Read the rest

Free speech zone T-shirts.

Free Speech Zone T-shirt
Ever notice those “Free Speech Zones” that the authorities put up outside political conventions, trade summits, embassies, and basically anywhere else someone might feel like expressing an opinion? What’s up with that? Last I checked, the whole country was supposed to be a “free speech zone.”… Read the rest

The best part of Halloween.

Her regal majesty, with luxury cloak by KarenClara, last night: “Daddy, do you know what the best part of Halloween is?”

“No, Clara, what’s that?”

“The part where the candy goes into your bucket.”

She confirmed that she likes that part even better than the part where you actually eat the candy.… Read the rest

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