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Month: November 2006 (Page 1 of 3)

Is the Microsoft way the only way?

Word with all toolbars turned onWhat I think of as the Microsoft approach to product development is to cram as many features as possible into each product. Interface is an afterthought: All those features exist primarily for the benefit of the feature list, not the user, so who cares if the feature is buried three menu levels deep?… Read the rest

Creative computing.

Best of Creative Computing cover imageOne of the first magazines I can remember subscribing to (apart from Cricket and Ranger Rick) was Creative Computing. I started getting this magazine about 1980, after I fell in love with the neighbor’s TRS-80. It astounded me that he could have a computer sitting right there, on his desk, completely self-contained and no bigger than one of the TTY machines that we used at the University to talk to the mysteriously distant mainframe.… Read the rest

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