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Month: November 2006 (page 1 of 3)

Advice on making art from Danny Gregory.

Advice for someone who wants to be an artist: “Fear is not very useful. … Just take the leap and avoid wrapping the whole thing up with your identity and sense of self worth. Be as positive and outgoing and productive as possible.… Read the rest

Gimme that high-tech religion.

Elliott Malkin makes high-tech religious art — like a crucifix made of circuit boards that broadcasts the Lord’s Prayer, using your body as its antenna. Intriguing intersection of religion and tech: Interview with Elliott Malkin

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Is the Microsoft way the only way?

Word with all toolbars turned onWhat I think of as the Microsoft approach to product development is to cram as many features as possible into each product. Interface is an afterthought: All those features exist primarily for the benefit of the feature list, not the user, so who cares if the feature is buried three menu levels deep?… Read the rest

What androids dream of.

Electric Sheep sample imageWhat does your computer do when it’s asleep? Well, if you’re the giving type, it might be searching for intelligent life in the universe, helping find a cure for schizophrenia, or perhaps trying to fold some proteins.

Scott Draves has a different idea.… Read the rest

russell davies: how to be interesting

Making’s the new thinking: russell davies: how to be interesting

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Creative computing.

Best of Creative Computing cover imageOne of the first magazines I can remember subscribing to (apart from Cricket and Ranger Rick) was Creative Computing. I started getting this magazine about 1980, after I fell in love with the neighbor’s TRS-80. It astounded me that he could have a computer sitting right there, on his desk, completely self-contained and no bigger than one of the TTY machines that we used at the University to talk to the mysteriously distant mainframe.… Read the rest

Work-life imbalance

Rarely has the Economist made such a wrongheaded call: Farewell to the flexibility fad

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1,000 years in Bali.

Listened this week to an amazing talk by anthropologist Stephen Lansing‘s talk on Bali at the Long Now Foundation‘s seminar series. (Thanks to Jon Udell for linking to it.) Lansing’s talk is an account of how Balinese rice farmers managed to create a system for sharing water and coordinating rice planting schedules in order to optimize the harvest for everyone.… Read the rest

HDTV for dummies.

Not exactly for dummies, actually, but for beginners: Next week I’ll be hosting a webcast on how to select and set up an HDTV set. Two of Ziff-Davis’s top HDTV gurus, Robert Heron and Loyd Case, will be explaining everything you need to know.… Read the rest

Corporate karaoke.

“PowerPoint presentations are like corporate karaoke” – Cubicle Culture – WSJ.com

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