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Month: June 2004 (page 2 of 3)

Mobile PC July issue.

Mobile PC July cover

The July issue of Mobile PC is on newsstands now, and I think it’s our best issue yet. There’s a huge roundup of 33 digital cameras, a terrific guide to taking better digital photos, a primer on keeping your data in sync across multiple devices, and a roundup of portable audio players — and, of course, lots and lots of mobile product reviews and news.… Read the rest

Rustlin’ Unix.

“We went out one day and our Unix cows were missing,” [SCO CEO Darl] McBride said … “We looked in the Linux pen, and there’s a bunch of them in there that have our brand on them . . . in this case the copyright.… Read the rest

Separated at birth?

Walt Mossberg


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Litany of shite.

“Litany of shite” — it’s hard to improve on Troubled Diva’s description of this excellent MP3 by Big Hard Excellent Fish; listening to it is a strangely cathartic experience. … It’s time to form a militant wing of the Apostrophe Protection Society … Why you should always use a serial comma … Let’s not forget that Clinton had higher approval ratings than than Reagan … Oh, and don’t forget to vote the Bush-Zombie Reagan ticket in ’04!… Read the rest

Quicken must die.

Intuit’s Quicken is the only software product I’ve used in the past ten years that gets consistently worse with each subsequent version. I started out with Quicken in 95 or 97, when it was a pretty stable, usable app, although it did have its quirks.… Read the rest

iPod deconstruction tips.

iPod deconstruction photos
I took apart a nonfunctioning 15GB iPod that had been hanging around the Mobile PC offices for the past few months. I pretty much just went right in, using a pocketknife to create a gap between the front (white) plastic and the metal back, which are joined together extremely tightly; once I’d created enough of a gap I worked a small standard screwdriver in and wedged the thing open.… Read the rest

Prawn sandwich clock.

“All prawns have this catastrophic event at two days and 11 hours past sell-by date” — Inventor James Larsson hooks up some capacitance sensors and an old computer to a Marks & Spencer prawn sandwich, and uses its decay to measure the passage of time.… Read the rest

MT to Blogger?

You can export your Blogger weblog and import it into Movable Type (and into many other weblog systems as well), but you can’t go in reverse: There’s no way to import entries into Blogger, as far as I can tell.… Read the rest

Early technology magazines.

ScienceAndInvention1921-05.jpgAncestors of Mobile PC magazine: Several galleries of early 20th-century technical magazine covers, including a big selection of mags by Hugo Gernsback, the founder of Amazing Stories. The future ain’t what it used to be!

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Microsoft patents the double-click.

It’s official: The U.S. Patent Office has absolutely no idea what it’s doing.

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