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Month: May 2004 (page 2 of 2)

Bigger than Hollywood.

Video games are now a $20 billion industry, making them bigger than Hollywood (as measured by box-office revenues, anyhow; the film industry actually makes more money from videos and DVDs than they do from movie theaters). No surprise, then, that the average age of video gamers is going up–it’s now 29–although half of gamers are still under 18.… Read the rest

How to be a poet.

Good advice from Jim Henley: “Start by slavishly imitating poets you admire.”

And if you’re writing science fiction, be sure to avoid these overused plots. (both links via BoingBoing)

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Intel chips, now with extra goodness.

Intel’s Dothan CPUs (Intel Pentium M processors 735, 745, and 755) use Intel’s new numeric nomenclature and have dropped the clock speed designations from their names.

When asked about the new names, Intel vp Anand Chandrasekher said they’re designed to reflect qualities of “goodness” that Intel chips have, beyond mere gigahertz.… Read the rest

The world’s most powerful computer.

“Working at Google, an engineer told me recently, is the nearest you can get to having an unlimited amount of computing power at your disposal.” Simson Garfinkle explains the hidden power of Google’s server farm, which reportedly tops 100,000 machines.… Read the rest

Physicists go to the movies.

This guide to insultingly bad movie physics explains why ricocheting bullets don’t spark, how shattering glass can cut you (even when you’re riding a motorcycle through it at top speed), and why it’s a bad idea to hang around exploding spaceships.… Read the rest

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