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Month: May 2004 (page 1 of 2)

Buffalo LinkStation HD-H120LAN

No network is so perfect that it couldn’t be improved by the addition of a few hundred gigs of storage. But until recently, only system administrators have been able to lay their hands on easy-to-configure network storage appliances. Buffalo’s LinkStation puts excessive amounts of storage in the hands of ordinary folks.… Read the rest

Canon ZR-90

Tiny video cameras that record to flash memory cards are cute, but their lack of power, low image quality, and limited storage capacity mean they’re really just expensive toys. For quality video recordings of any substantial length, you need to use miniDV tape.… Read the rest

LG LX5450

LG’s sleek new flip phone, the LX5450, aims to prove that camera phones don’t necessarily have to take crummy photos. It doesn’t quite deliver that proof, but it gets closer than most. As a bonus, it’s got advanced Web browsing and data features that make it an entertaining and even passably useful companion, although it falls short of having full-blown organizer and synchronization features that would make it a truly smart phone.… Read the rest

PCTEL Segue Soft Access Point

The ravers at Burning Man will be impressed when you turn a single satellite connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot providing free Internet access to a couple hundred square feet of playa. But wait, you left your Wi-Fi router at home? No problem.… Read the rest

People falling over.

File under funny / sadistic: PeopleFallingOver.com brings you the news, photos, videos, and, yes, the dance remixes of pratfalls, spills, tumbles, accidents, drops, and sudden unexpected descents.

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Sony smoke and mirrors.

Jeremy Horowitz at iPodlounge has a pointed critique of Sony’s PlayStation Portable demos earlier this month at E3. The bottom line: the PSP is far from being ready to launch, and Sony’s strategy surrounding it and the Vaio Pocket media player (a supposed “iPod killer”) is confused and contradictory.… Read the rest


Beautiful photos of a Gunkajima, an abandoned island off the coast of Japan.

(via BoingBoing)

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Pretend it isn’t there.

If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist, right? That’s what Rumsfeld must be thinking: He’s banned camera phones in U.S. Army installations in Iraq. A total ban on camera phones in the military is coming up next, the news reports say.… Read the rest

Here come the telemarketers.

You probably don’t get many telemarketing calls on your mobile, do you? That’s partly because it’s illegal–but more importantly, there’s no directory of mobile phone numbers that unscrupulous marketers can use to target their campaigns. Well, you can kiss that precious bit of anonymity goodbye: the CTIA is assembling a directory of cell phone numbers.… Read the rest

Portable gaming.

Impressions from E3: The coming year will be pretty interesting for mobile gaming. The Nintendo DS (dual screen) is a somewhat goofy concept, but there are a lot of games in development and some of them look pretty cool. I got a chance to play with a few of the new games and was fairly impressed.… Read the rest

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