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Month: April 2004 (page 2 of 2)

The pundits were wrong.

NPR : Study: Pricing Less Competitive Online

A study by MIT finds that the Internet, where customers can easily comparison shop, is actually less price competitive than traditional store retailers.

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White boys can rap.

Sorta: NPR guides us to the budding Appalachian phenomenon of hick-hop. Holler 2 the hood, y’all!

Somewhat more successful: this collaboration between Dirk Powell and DJ DanjaMowf.

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Sex sells, cam-phone style.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but cnet reports that the rise of moblogs is being driven in large part by risque photos of pretty young things. (Sometimes with octopi.) After some bloviating by the analysts about how the real future of camphones are in the real estate business (yeah, right) the story gets to the point: “I might not want my 5-year-old on the site,” says Chris Hoar, a founder of moblog site TextAmerica.… Read the rest

Colligo Workgroup Edition

Thanks to your 802.11b network, anyone in your company can wirelessly download funny pictures from Fark.com whenever they want. Now how about using that wireless capability to get some work done.

Colligo Workgroup Edition makes “wireless productivity” into something more than a laughable oxymoron.… Read the rest

NEC 525 High Definition Mobile

Now that more than half of all Americans have a mobile phone, why are we still putting up with inferior handsets? Too often, the latest and greatest handsets are available overseas only — while U.S. consumers get rehashed versions of last year’s models.… Read the rest

Corex CardScan Executive

You’re a master of the universe, meeting and greeting prospects from dawn until well after dusk. So why are you still typing up their contact info — or worse yet, lugging around a Rolodex like a chump? You need a scanner that can munch through a stack of business cards like a dog through a T-bone, and the CardScan Executive fits the bill nicely.… Read the rest

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