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Month: April 2004 (page 1 of 2)

Kyocera Finecam SL300R

For all their advantages over film, digital cameras still can’t match 35mm SLRs in one key area: speed. Nearly every digital camera has some degree of shutter lag, the annoying and often excruciating pause after you press the shutter button and before the camera actually snaps the picture.… Read the rest

PalmOne Tungsten W

True information addicts will never be satisfied with the puny screens on most smart phones. Even at high resolution, a 2-inch display just won’t cut it for reading news, checking stock charts, or powering through an overflowing inbox. If you’re a data maven, PalmOne’s Tungsten W is an attractive option — provided you don’t plan to use it as your primary phone.… Read the rest

Franklin MDM Audio Translator

Sci-fi humorist Douglas Adams envisioned the ultimate interpreter: the Babel fish, a bright yellow, leechlike creature that, once inserted into your ear, would provide you with instant translations from any tongue. Franklin’s Audio Translator, copublished in SD-card format by MDM, is less unpleasant to use than squeezing a fish into your ear, but unfortunately it is far less effective.… Read the rest

Corsoft Aileron

You wouldn’t put Wal-Mart tires on your Ferrari, so why are you using substandard software on your high-end PDA? Yet that’s just what many people are doing by using the default e-mail client that comes bundled with their PDA. Corsoft offers a simple and elegant solution with Aileron, a sleek e-mail client that will have you speeding through your inbox like a roadster on a curvy country byway.… Read the rest

MDM Secure File PDA Backup

If it weren’t for syncing, most people would never back up anything. It’s only because synchronization is so easy that we wind up with backups of our most important data: our address books and calendars. But syncing doesn’t always back up everything (particularly files you’ve stored on your handheld, and sometimes additional applications you’ve loaded) — and your backups are only as good as your most recent synchronization.… Read the rest

Chen Style Taijiquan.

cover of book by Mark ChenMy Taijiquan teacher, Mark Chen, has written a book: Old Frame Chen Family Taijiquan. It’s a terrific introduction to the principles, techniques, philosophy, and history of Taijiquan (aka Tai Chi Chuan). It is also the best-written martial arts book I’ve ever read.… Read the rest

Martha for President.

Spotted just outside Santa Rosa, a hand-lettered cardboard sign tacked to a telephone pole:

Martha Stuart for President!

Read the rest

Mr. Grumbles.

There’s this guy on my block who is always walking around, grumbling and growling and laughing to himself. He’s tall, his hair is wild, and he walks around with his eyes cast down, mostly, sometimes pulling on a cigarette as he grumbles along.… Read the rest

Motorcycling through Chernobyl.

Amazing photos of Chernobyl today, by a Ukrainian woman who likes to bike through the area on her 147hp Kawasaki Ninja.

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No joke.

Note to Google: Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to launch Gmail on April 1.

Note to Slashdot, BoingBoing, Engadget, and nearly every other tech blog: Running fake stories for April Fool’s Day might seem funny to you, but none of these stories were actually all that funny.… Read the rest

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