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Month: September 2002 (Page 2 of 5)

Axis of X

Golan Levin and the Whitney Museum have produced an entertaining, interactive work of art: Click on any three countries in an on-screen world map, and it will tell you what axis of power they represent. Mexico, Canada, US: Axis of oil-producing, vodka-exporting, nuclear-powered, cannabis-cultivating, US bullet buyers.… Read the rest

Weblogging journos

More and more journalists are starting to run their own weblogs on the side. “If I’m a lawyer advising a news organization, the idea of a Web log like this would just make me break out in hives,” says a journalism prof at U.… Read the rest

New Google news

New look and features for Google News. Cool! Much slicker looking, much more newspapery. It takes a little getting used to but actually makes scanning the news much easier — it includes short story summaries and some photos, both new, and options to see stories from more sources.… Read the rest

Are You Overpaying for Content Management?

The numbers aren’t pretty. Fifty-three percent of companies will have deployed new content-management systems by the end of this year. Given the expense involved — a high-end CMS like Vignette can cost upwards of $100,000 for the software alone, plus another multiple of that in installation costs — you’d think these companies would be choosing wisely and getting exactly what they need.… Read the rest

Internet archive bookmobile

Annalee Newitz: “Internet Archive volunteers have put about 9,000 public domain books on its site, and now they’re driving around the United States in a high-tech bookmobile where people can link to the archive via satellite, download the book of their choice, print it out, and take it home to read.… Read the rest

Weblogs: form or medium?

Xian approvingly quotes this lucid comment by Peterme, regarding this week’s Berkeley J-school panel on weblogs:

“In these kinds of discussions, the question, “Are weblogs journalism?” inevitably comes up, demonstrating how people confuse form and content. Weblogs are a form (not a medium… the Web is a medium), and journalism is a practice.… Read the rest

Sorry tech journos

“There was a loop with journalists, businesses, advertisers, readers,” says John Battelle. “Magazines in the late ’90s were not rewarded for doing negative stories. Everybody’s stock portfolios were going up, and what sold magazines were positive stories about the geniuses that were making everybody rich.”… Read the rest

Are You Overpaying for Content Management?

Companies are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on software to manage their websites and other documents — and getting dubious returns. There’s got to be a better way.

The numbers aren’t pretty. According to a Jupiter survey of chief information officers at companies with more than $50 million in revenue, 53 percent will have deployed new content-management systems by the end of this year.Read the rest
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