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Four takeaways from the bankruptcy auction of Gawker Media

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Univision is acquiring Gawker Media for $135 million, news reports confirmed this week, beating out Ziff Davis in an auction for the media company’s assets.… Read the rest


One sad side effect of online life is that the longer you stick around, the more spam you get. This is particularly true if your email address appears online in any clear, unobscured form [Why Am I Getting All This Spam?Read the rest

Less is Moore.

I was watching “A Beautiful Mind” recently and was struck how much the mathematician John Nash’s schizophrenia, as portrayed in the movie, was like my online life: Ethereal voices constantly impinging on my attention, demanding responses, distracting me from the work (and people) at hand.… Read the rest

Understanding weblogs

I’ve been spending the past several weeks messing around with weblogs. I’ve written about the topic of weblogs before [1,2] and last week’s column for Business 2.0 was about the business uses of “blogging” for content and project management [3].

But last week, a few light bulbs went on.… Read the rest

Spoofing P2P

Link: Spoofing P2P

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Read the rest
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