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What’s Inside Your Laptop?

Here at PC Magazine, we’ve been prying open notebooks ever since notebooks existed. We can’t help it–we’re just curious. But this kind of curiosity is hard on the computers themselves. (To the many manufacturers whose fine products we’ve destroyed over the years: We’re sorry.… Read the rest

Ultra Wideband Will Cut the Cable Clutter

LAS VEGAS–New wireless networking technologies are poised to cut the cable clutter on your desktop–starting with USB cables.

At CES 2007, vendors including Tzero, Alareon, Staccato, and even DaimlerChrysler are demonstrating wireless networking technologies based on ultrawideband (UWB). And in the coming year, many manufacturers will be shipping Wireless USB products based on UWB technologies.… Read the rest

Fiber in the Home: Tenvera Shows Residential Fiber-Optic Solution

LAS VEGAS–If you’re lucky, a local Internet service provider may have started offering a residential fiber-optic service in the past year (such as Verizon’s FiOS service). And fiber to the home is certain to grow. With the increasing popularity of bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming video, voice over IP, and IP-based television, consumers will be clamoring for the enormous data capacity fiber can provide.… Read the rest

Networking Vendors Will Invade Your Living Room at CES

Networking vendors are lusting after the lucrative consumer electronics market, and at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, they’ll highlight the latest enticements they’ve concocted in order to draw home users into an ever-more networked world.

Key to that strategy for many vendors is the emerging home media and entertainment market – what PC vendors used to call “convergence” devices.… Read the rest

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