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To embrace innovation, CIOs need to learn to let go

How do you find and foster innovation, whether in your organization or outside it? I’d like to hear from you, as I’m writing about this topic a lot.

A version of this post first appeared on VentureBeat.

The role of the chief information officer is changing dramatically.… Read the rest

Microsoft strikes a humble pose, and hopes to earn a shot at redemption

Upgrade strategy: get Philz coffee. Waaaaaiiiiitttttt. #windows10

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With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft is telegraphing an attitude one doesn’t often see in companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars: Humility.… Read the rest

Sometimes 40-year-old technology actually is the best tool for the job

Technology changes far slower than we usually think it does.

In fact, a pretty-good technology that achieves widespread acceptance has a way of sticking around for years, even decades. Just look at how many people still listen to AM radio, buy CDs at concerts, or drive cars with internal combustion engines and four wheels.… Read the rest

How Twilio is building a software platform to refresh a 150-year-old technology (podcast)


This episode of the What to Think podcast is sponsored by Pivotal Tracker.

In this week’s podcast, we kick off an occasional series of interviews with platform builders: the founders and inventors who are creating software platforms upon which others are able to build things.… Read the rest

Welcome to our beautifully designed, corporate-controlled future Internet

At Slack headquarters in San Francisco.

There’s a generational shift in technology happening right now: From the open Web to native apps, from desktops to mobile phones, from platforms built on standards to platforms owned by corporations.

Let’s call it the second Internet. Here’s what it looks like:

Facebook Instant Article

That’s right — it’s Facebook.… Read the rest

A few notes on innovation

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With nearly two billion people around the planet connected to the Internet, it is tempting to say that the revolution is nearly over. The largest providers of Internet access have consolidated their positions, the major search and social media players have been established, the largest content publishers have so much momentum and audience reach that they are difficult to dislodge.… Read the rest

The next generation of entrepreneurs will need more open platforms

Which platform you choose could make a huge difference in the end.

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Last week I wrote about the way specific technologies have lowered the barriers to entrepreneurship worldwide: Amazon Web Services, Google Drive (and Google Search), mobile devices combined with widespread wireless Internet service, and Facebook.

Most of these tools are what author Jonathan Zittrain would call “generative,” in that they are technologies which engender further innovation, thanks to their openness and extensibility.… Read the rest

What it takes to be a tech entrepreneur in 2015

Panelists Andy Tang, Toro Orero, Lauren Feldman, Emily Baum, Torsten Kolind, and Dylan Tweney.

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A handful of technologies have contributed to an explosion of entrepreneurship in the past decade, making the prospect of starting a tech company — or tech-enabled company — more accessible to people around the world.

  • Amazon Web Services makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to set up a server, build a prototype, and even launch a product with very little expense.
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