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Merry Christmas from Bowling Green, Ohio (sculpture by Dominic Labino, 1976) #art #sculpture #glass https://www.instagram.com/p/Br1GrGZAoxk/?utm_source=ig_tumblr_share&igshid=cydql6uoy21q
Dylan Tweney

Microscopic Art Hides Inside Computer Chips

Considering the expense, precision and difficulty of manufacturing computer chips, you would think the engineers designing them are pretty serious people. But it’s not all business inside a chip fab, as these microscope photos reveal. In fact, the designers of microchips frequently hide tiny cartoon
Dylan Tweney 1 min read

Silicon Art Hidden Inside Samsung’s Galaxy Tab

Silicon chips have billions of transistors in every square inch. But sometimes there’s enough room left over for chip engineers to insert a little joke. While using a scanning electron microscope to examine the microcircuitry of a chip found in Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S phone, consulting com
Dylan Tweney 1 min read

Vintage Posters Highlight a Century of Innovation

It may be hard to believe as you read Wired on your iPad, but heating oil and metal plumbing pipes were hot tech topics just 100 years ago. They were businesses, too, on which inventors pinned their hopes and corporations placed their bets in the form of factories, salesmen, and marketing budgets. F
Dylan Tweney 1 min read


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