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TV, radio, and podcast appearances by Dylan

Secrets of my inbox

Last summer, Ben Kaplan posted an interview with me about how PR folks can get my attention. I’ve been pointing people to this interview time and again, because it is a helpful summary of how my day really works.

Here’s the start of the transcript.… Read the rest

First Floor Labs, .XYZ domains, and DJI Drones: My appearance on NBC Bay Area

I was on NBC Bay Area’s Sunday show “Press Here” a few weeks ago. This is a really fun show to do: It’s like a local version of “Meet the Press,” hosted by Scott McGrew. They bring in a couple local journalists and do a few short segments where we interview entrepreneurs about what they’re working on.… Read the rest

Wearables will be everywhere at CES, I said last week on the eve of the big gadget show.

“Everyone wants to be the next Apple watch,” I told Fox Business, “but unfortunately we’re going to have to wait for the Apple Watch to come out.” And as everyone knows, Apple doesn’t do CES.… Read the rest

My preview of the Amazon Fire smartphone

I was on “Opening Bell” with Maria Bartiromo on Wednesday morning, shortly before Amazon announced its Kindle Fire smartphone. Here’s what I had to say. I got some of it right!


Read the rest

I talked with KRON-4 TV about the iPhone 5S and 5C launch Friday. Here’s the video

I spent some time at the studios of KRON-4 TV here in San Francisco on Friday evening, chatting with Catherine Heenan about that day’s launch of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C and answering reader questions. Thanks to Gabe Slate for inviting me on!… Read the rest

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