A nice surprise over the weekend: the Gadget Lab podcast I produce has risen to the #6 spot among technology podcasts in iTunes’ podcast directory. That’s pretty remarkable, given that we produce this podcast in a borrowed closet with no budget and zero marketing.

If you haven’t listened to the podcast before, check it out. It’s short (10-12 minutes per episode), and usually includes some lively banter about the week’s top gadget topics plus short reviews of a couple interesting gadgets. We try to put some goodies in each episode that you can’t get on the blog, too, like previews of upcoming reviews or anecdotes about shenanigans in Wired’s product testing lab. My goal all along has been to make this a short, listenable overview of interesting and relevant hardware news.

Here’s the latest episode: Wired Gadget Lab Podcast #27: Psystar, T-Mobile 3-G, and AT&T TV. And here’s the Gadget Lab podcast RSS feed.

I’d love to hear what you think of the podcast — use the comments form below or email me directly.