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Month: April 2006 (Page 2 of 2)

Flag smarts.

mostly US flags Much as I lean to the left, I have to admit that lefties often make really stupid choices when choosing how to stage their protests. Too often these protests happen out of some vague sense of anger and outrage, with very little attention to the message they’re conveying.… Read the rest


I’m an “Advocating Leader” according to the website PersonalDNA. This multicolored square represents the different elements of my personality–mouse over the colors to see what each one means. Thank god I’m only very slightly totalitarian.

Take your own test here (it takes about 15 minutes and you get to play with all kinds of entertaining slider bars).… Read the rest


crazy rippled picture of Dylan

Putting a waterproof camera in a bathtub and then taking self-portraits with the camera submerged is a great way to make yourself look really FREAKY.

Read the rest

Big Shot

Most digital cameras, regardless of resolution, have puny image sensors. Who cares? You should. Bigger sensors, like the DSC-R1’s, take clearer pictures, because there’s less interference between pixels. This cam takes 10.3-megapixel images that are remarkably rich and free of noise.… Read the rest

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