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Month: April 2006 (page 1 of 2)

101 Fabulous Freebies

Link: 101 Fabulous Freebies

Link broken? Try the Wayback Machine.

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IMDB: Dylan Tweney

Holy cow, I have an entry in the Internet Movie Database: IMDB: Dylan Tweney

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DailyCandy Goes Shopping for a Sugar Daddy

DailyCandy‘s 1.2 million subscribers: Worth $100 million? DailyCandy Goes Shopping for a Sugar Daddy

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Family photo tracking.

Just a note for those of you who are family members or especially interested friends: I’ve been posting photos in two places lately, Smugmug and Flickr. Here are the links to see the latest pictures (along with corresponding feed links, in case you’re using a news reader).… Read the rest

Maker Faire.

Stopped by the Maker Faire yesterday at the San Mateo Fairgrounds–right in our neighborhood–and checked out some of the amazing contraptions and creations hacked together by amateur inventors, tinkerers, and madmen. Highlights included two huge jets of flame that shot 20′ or so into the air, courtesy of the very cool-looking Oakland-based welding arts cooperative, The Crucible.… Read the rest

Wi-Fi everywhere.

Fon founder Martin Varsavsky wants to create a Wi-Fi network with a million hotspots. (By contrast, iPass–currently the largest network–has about 43,500.) He’s got his work cut out for him. Read more in my article for Technology Review, appearing today on the TR home page.… Read the rest

Fon Hopes Its Hotspots Will Rival Cellular

Sure, you can browse the Web from your local coffee shop, thanks to its Wi-Fi connection. But what about leaving your cell phone at home and using cafes and other Wi-Fi “hotspots” to place free or cheap Internet-based phone calls using a laptop or Wi-Fi phone?… Read the rest

Wi-Fi + GSM

“T-Mobile USA is expected to roll out UMA [wi-fi phone] services within the next six months.” Light Reading – UMA Services Near Reality

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tinywords returns.

The daily haiku journal I publish, tinywords — which I like to refer to as “the world’s tiniest magazine” — has resumed publication. I’m working on some enhancements to the site which I hope to be able to announce in the next couple of weeks.… Read the rest

USATODAY.com – IRS seeks PayPal’s aid finding hidden cash

Way more significant than the Google subpoena. Think $27.5 billion significant (that’s how much goes through Paypal annually). IRS seeks PayPal’s aid finding hidden cash

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