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Month: March 2004 (Page 2 of 4)

Quick email access.

Phoenix Technologies, which makes BIOSes for notebooks and desktop computers, has a nifty idea: something called Firstware Assistant that lets you check your Outlook calendar and email without booting up the machine. You turn on the machine through a special quick-boot cycle that bypasses Windows and lets you view only certain data.… Read the rest

Top notch web hosting.

About a month ago, I moved this weblog and my haiku site to Birdhouse Hosting, run by my friend Scot Hacker. It was a good move: Both sites are faster, Scot’s spam-filtering has given me back 20 minutes a day that I used to spend deleting junk mail, and most importantly, Scot is a patient, capable, and thorough sysadmin.… Read the rest

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