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Month: March 2004 (Page 3 of 4)

Canon Optura Xi

Have you ever wanted to snap a still photo right in the middle of some event you’re videotaping? Neither have we — but clearly someone does. How else to explain the Canon Optura Xi’s ability to snap low-res digital photos, storing them on an SD card, while at the same time recording video to tape?… Read the rest

Concord EyeQ Go Wireless

You might think that the addition of an overhyped networking technology wouldn’t be enough to save a crappy product from itself — and in the case of the Concord EyeQ Go Wireless camera, you’d be right. Unfortunately, that insight seems to have escaped the engineers at Concord Camera, who have dressed up their low-end dog of a digital camera with the inexplicable addition of Bluetooth.… Read the rest

Canon i80

Road warriors take heart: You no longer have to return to the office just to print your latest report. For that matter, you can cross off stopping at the drugstore to get your photos developed. Canon’s new i80 Bubble Jet printer, released in February, takes care of both chores in a sleek, portable package that lacks only speed.… Read the rest

Ingineo Eyetop

Some day you’ll be able to discreetly Google the name of a new acquaintance using a heads-up display built into your eyeglasses, all without interrupting the flow of conversation.

Dream on. Ingineo’s new Eyetop tries to bring that day a bit closer, but in a way that only a masochistic, Cheetos-eating Linux geek could appreciate.… Read the rest

Royal Linea 32

Royal Linea32

Come, gather round children, and let me tell you of the days when giants roamed the Earth, when personal computers were monstrous towers beneath our desks, and people went online by dialing up Prodigy with their 9,600-baud modems. It was 1990, and if the Royal Linea32 had been alive then, it would have been the queen of the PDAs.… Read the rest

PalmOne Tungsten E

Your faux Gucci handbag already holds an iPod and a tiny Casio Exilim camera. You need a PDA chic enough to take its place alongside these stylish tech toys, without flattening your alligator-skin wallet. The PalmOne Tungsten E is your PDA, baby.… Read the rest

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