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Month: September 2003 (Page 2 of 2)

Keeping an eye on Big Brother.

The Government Information Awareness site is trying to provide a total picture of our government, the individuals within it, and their connections to various interest groups. In other words, it’s aiming to do for government officials what John Poindexter’s Total Information Awareness program would do for individuals — put them under the microscope, and use information technology to assemble a comprehensive view.… Read the rest

My new gig.

I’m psyched: Starting this week I am executive editor for Mobile PC magazine, focusing on mobile technology: notebooks, PDAs, handhelds, mobile phones, etc. Our first issue will be out in January. I’ll be editing features and the news/trends section. Got a mobile product, a story idea, or a trend you want me to know about?… Read the rest

Free content!

Clay Shirky makes a powerful argument that micropayment schemes will never work, and outlines what he calls an “epochal” shift toward free content that is increasingly complex, collaboratively-produced, and high-quality.

“People want to believe in things like micropayments because without a magic bullet to believe in, they would be left with the uncomfortable conclusion that what seems to be happening — free content is growing in both amount and quality — is what’s actually happening.”… Read the rest

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