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Month: September 2003 (page 1 of 2)

Invasive Justice.

The FBI has been telling some journalists to turn over their notes, email messages, and sources, secretly, as part of an investigation into the hacker Adrian Lamo, according to Mark Rasch, a computer security expert and former head of the FBI’s computer crimes division.… Read the rest

Genre: Mid Night Shooting

“There are a color, a form, and a motion in all sound.”

The pleasure generating equipment named the game which can feel transformer feeling in the rhythm which comes on the contrary by the act a player “shoots”, and it are “Rez.”

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3G can make you sick.

According to this story from Reuters, Dutch health ministries have found that exposure to the radiation from third-generation (3G) cell phone towers can make you sick. On the other hand, cell radiation improves your alertness and memory. Are these guys for real??… Read the rest

Tablet toddler test.

I took home a Gateway Tablet PC this weekend to test it out. With its built-in WiFi connection, the tablet makes a pretty decent Web-browsing and reading machine: I could stretch out on the couch, for instance, and read the latest WSJ while holding the tablet on my lap at any comfortable angle.… Read the rest

New tweney report: Spamfighters.

I’ve posted a new issue of the tweney report: Spamfighters. This issue also went out via email to 2,647 subscribers. Although I’ve not published much lately, the bounce rate is pretty low — only a handful of defunct email addresses on the mailing list this time.… Read the rest

Camera-phone sales boom.

According to a research firm called Strategy Analytics, sales of digital camera-equipped cell phones have, for the first time, exceeded sales of standalone digital cameras: Mobile Commerce World.com

“Mobile phone makers shipped 25 million handsets with built-in cameras worldwide in the first half of the year.… Read the rest


One sad side effect of online life is that the longer you stick around, the more spam you get. This is particularly true if your email address appears online in any clear, unobscured form [Why Am I Getting All This Spam?Read the rest

Seaport insecurity.

Threat Matrix is a TV drama about the Department of Homeland Security and their anti-terrorism efforts. Last night’s episode centered on some terrorists sneaking into the country via shipping containers.

The show is a mediocre and jingoistic ripoff of 24.… Read the rest

Banjo history.

This summer, NPR ran a fine series on the extensive sharing and crosslinking between the blues, country music, and white and black musicians. But they inexplicably overlooked the banjo — which pretty much epitomizes the rich, intertwined, and often troubling musical history of America.… Read the rest

E-Mail on the Cheap

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES WANTED to give e-mail accounts to each of its pilots, flight attendants and ground-crew workers—critical employees who needed to be in the corporate loop but didn’t even have computers. The problem: It would have been prohibitively expensive to give all 30,000 of them accounts on the corporate mail system, Novell GroupWise.… Read the rest

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