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From body parts to boyfriends,

From body parts to boyfriends, it seems there’s nothing you can’t find for sale on a Web auction these days. The latest odd lot is a collection of brightly-colored fiberglass cows, erstwhile decorations on the streets of Chicago, and now up on the auction block at Metromix.com.… Read the rest

AOL is being sued under

AOL is being sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act by nine blind people who charge that the online service, as a public accommodation, is not sufficiently accessible to the blind. The AOL client software, they charge, doesn’t work well with the screen-reader programs used by many blind people.… Read the rest

Maybe you’re thinking that

Maybe you’re thinking that online advertising ISN’T QUITE KAPUT, given recent figures that show a steady increase in online ad revenues this year. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, Net ad revenues added up to nearly a billion dollars in the second quarter of this year; annual ad revenues will hit $3-3.5 billion this year, depending on who you ask.… Read the rest

Gov’t debt on your credit card.

Thanks to the Web, now you can put GOVERNMENT DEBT ON YOUR CREDIT CARD. A new Web site from the U.S. Treasury Department (www.savingsbonds.gov) lets you purchase U.S. savings bonds online, paying for the bonds with your credit card. Cool, huh?… Read the rest

Tweney Report Update

TWENEY REPORT UPDATE: I’ve changed the look and feel of my Web site, www.tweney.com, and among other things I’ve added a Weblog. I’m building this log with Blogger, a cool tool that I found out about through Keith Dawson’s fine Tasty Bits from the Technology Front newsletter.… Read the rest

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