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Prose that hasn’t been published elsewhere

The VR office of the future.

“Oculus Rift headsets are expensive, bulky, and block out the real world completely. But like the early Logitech webcams, they’re just the starting point. Eventually, VR tech will become smaller, lighter, and—especially in the case of mixed-reality—far less intrusive. When that happens, VR is going to reshape business collaboration and communication even more profoundly than […]

Narrative specificity.

Narrative specificity means avoiding generalizations and using details to make your story come to life. Leave it out, and your words will be hollow and dead, like empty snail shells strewn across the dirt. It’s not surprising that many writers miss this point, particularly in politics and business. These writers are concerned about getting a […]


Yesterday I realized a dream I’ve had ever since I started open water swimming around 2010. I swam from Alcatraz back to San Francisco. It’s about 1.25 miles though we covered a bit more water than that due to fighting the current a little. In all, it took me one hour and 13 minutes in pretty […]

If someone wants to use “they” as a singular pronoun, they have every right to do so.

The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.

Muriel Rukeyser

Who was Vincent Chin?

At last night’s conversation with Guy Kawasaki, someone in the audience asked about the 1982 Vincent Chin case and whether it made a difference to Guy’s perspective on racism or the treatment of Asian-Americans generally. Neither he nor I had heard of the case. The questioner expressed some surprise, since she thought that it had […]

Status update.

Somehow all the major kitchen appliances have managed to go on the fritz simultaneously. The oven thermostat died, the fridge warms up to 60 degrees unless you defrost its freezer every 3 days, the dishwasher stopped draining fully and now leaks onto the floor, and the radio died. All just when the plums ripened so […]

Facebook control

I have deliberately avoided logging on to Facebook on the new laptop since I got it, so for the past 2 weeks Facebook has been a mobile only experience for me. I have to say, it is greatly cutting down on the amount of time I spend distracting myself with it when I’m supposed to […]

How to Write — The Awl

Incredibly accurate description of the writing life by Heather Havrilevsky. Today, I woke up at 4 a.m. because one of my dogs was making a strange gulping sound. I sat for several minutes listening closely, wide awake, wondering if she wasn’t developing esophageal cancer or some other gruesome ailment that the pricey animal specialty hospital might […]

Suburban bliss.

Not to complain, but the children have been obnoxious, I’m not sleeping enough, car alarms keep going off in the neighborhood, the track workers have been jackhammering all morning, and the house is its usual mess. Sometimes it’s not all sunshine and roses here in the suburbs. from Facebook via IFTTT

Bay Parade Swim Report

Today’s Bay Parade swim went super well. It was a beautiful day on the Bay, the water wasn’t too cold (maybe 58 degrees near the Gate, 62-plus in McCovey Cove), and we had a fun bunch of swimmers aboard our boat, comprising two teams: “Flood Tide” (my team) and “Frijoles Frios.” There was some initial panic […]

How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist

“The problem is, maximizing interruptions in the name of business creates a tragedy of the commons, ruining global attention spans and causing billions of unnecessary interruptions each day.” —Tristan Harris, in an illuminating essay on how the techniques of attentional misdirection deployed by tech companies parallel the techniques used by magicians

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