TWENEY REPORT UPDATE: I’ve changed the look and feel of my Web site,, and among other things I’ve added a Weblog. I’m building this log with Blogger, a cool tool that I found out about through Keith Dawson’s fine Tasty Bits from the Technology Front newsletter.

I plan to use this weblog as a kind of Tweney Report-in-progress. Throughout the week, as I learn about interesting news items, or whenever I have something to say, I’ll post it here. Each weekend I’ll collect the preceding week’s posts, edit and tweak them a bit, and publish them together (maybe with some new material) as a new edition of the Tweney Report. If you’d like to get the Tweney Report by email, just send a message to visit sign up on Tinyletter.

So, stop by my weblog if you want the latest, up-to-date news, or you just want to see what I’m working on. Or, wait for the edited version to come out once a week — it’s up to you.

What do you think of my weblog and the Tweney Report? Let me know!


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