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More Features for the InfoSelect Faithful

Info Select version 6 Bottom Line: Flexible, powerful information organizer with a quirky interface. Price: $149.95; $99.95 upgrade from earlier versions Micro Logic Corp. 201-342-6518 Micro Logic Corp.Info Select 6 PageWinList: PIM/Contact ManagerFebruary 28, 2001More Features for the Info Select F
Dylan Tweney 4 min read
Published Work

Utility Promises Browser Enhancements; Doesn’t Deliver

BrowseAbility 1.0.4 Bottom Line: Useful bookmarking and multiple-site features are overshadowed by interface problems and occasional bugs. Price: $29.95; 30-day free trial available Melanie Systems Inc. (973) 324-1333Melanie Systems Inc.WinList: WebMarch 13, 2000Utility Promises Browser Enhancements
Dylan Tweney 5 min read

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