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What to Think: Belkin CMO Kieran Hannon tells all

In this week’s episode, we talk with Kieran Hannon, the chief marketing officer of Belkin. Hannon is widely respected and oversees some of the tech industry’s bigger brands, including Belkin as well as Belkin-owned Linksys and WeMo. He’s also a great conversationalist. We discussed his company’s mar
Dylan Tweney 1 min read

The hidden costs of the on-demand economy

Despite what economists like to think, people do not always make rational economic decisions. That’s nowhere more apparent than in today’s service-centric, app-based consumer Internet. The fact is, people are willing to pay more — often a lot more — for services that are pleasant to use. Uber, Zipca
Dylan Tweney 4 min read

Social media will ‘trump’ tonight’s GOP debate winner

If you’re like most politically minded Americans, you’ll be grabbing some popcorn and sitting down to watch the first Republican debate tonight at 9pm Eastern. With ten contenders, most of whom are masters at the art of making provocative and outrageous statements, and all of whom are desperate for
Dylan Tweney 3 min read


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