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Vintage Posters Highlight a Century of Innovation

It may be hard to believe as you read Wired on your iPad, but heating oil and metal plumbing pipes were hot tech topics just 100 years ago. They were businesses, too, on which inventors pinned their hopes and corporations placed their bets in the form of factories, salesmen, and marketing budgets. F
Dylan Tweney 1 min read
A Chip Is Born: Inside a State-of-the-Art Clean Room

A Chip Is Born: Inside a State-of-the-Art Clean Room

If you wish to compose an e-mail, index a database of web pages, stream a kitten video in 720p or render an explosion at 60 frames per second, you must first build a computer. And to build a computer, you must first design and fabricate the tiny processors that rapidly churn through the millions of
Dylan Tweney 2 min read
Rough Drafts

Big Money in Journalism

I’ll admit it: I got into journalism for the money. Columbia Journalism School dean Nicholas Lemann has said: “I’ve never met a single person in 35 years who went into journalism out of pure economic reason.” He never met me. While my motivation wasn’t purely financial, I’d be lying if I said that w
Dylan Tweney 3 min read


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