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Global Trend or Passing Fad: Putting Government Services Online

Article Summary:
Around the world, government is turning into e-government, as local, state, and federal government entities move more of their content and services onto the Web. Although the public sector lags behind the private sector in implementing Internet technologies, e-government projects have benefited from the lessons of e-commerce pioneers, and many governments now offer interactive, transaction-oriented Web sites.Read the rest

Using the Internet to Reach Customers Around the World

Article Summary: While the U.S. market for e-commerce may not be growing like it used to, much of the world is still seeing a surge in Web users and e-commerce revenues. To take advantage of these markets, companies need to globalize their sites by making sure they support international commerce.Read the rest

Untangling the Global Web: How to Navigate the Maze of International Internet Regulations

They don’t call it the World Wide Web for nothing. You’ve no doubt heard–too many times–the canard that the Internet will break down national boundaries and usher in a new era of frictionless international commerce. Sadly, that view is about as dated as a 1998-era dot-com business plan.… Read the rest

Wireless Data Set to Take Europe by Storm

Americans are accustomed to thinking of themselves as being on the leading edge of technology, adopting new gadgets–be they personal digital assistants (PDAs) or PCs–sooner, more enthusiastically, and in greater numbers than the rest of the world. But when it comes to wireless technology, the United States is practically a sluggard.… Read the rest

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