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Social media will ‘trump’ tonight’s GOP debate winner


If you’re like most politically minded Americans, you’ll be grabbing some popcorn and sitting down to watch the first Republican debate tonight at 9pm Eastern.

With ten contenders, most of whom are masters at the art of making provocative and outrageous statements, and all of whom are desperate for the precious attention and donor dollars that will keep their fledgling campaigns alive, it promises to be a lively, entertaining evening.… Read the rest

You won’t believe how honest this CEO is about blowing $185M

Quirky founder Ben Kaufman onstage with Fortune editor Alan Murray.

Quirky might seem like one of the more extreme examples of Silicon Valley excess in recent years, but its recent pivot — and the way its CEO handled it — is a rare example of honesty and transparency.

The startup’s premise was inspired, if a little idealistic: Take inventors’ half-baked ideas, help them turn those ideas into legitimate products, then sell those products in stores, sharing profits with the inventors.… Read the rest

Wattpad hooks up with Cosmopolitan.com for hot, steamy content partnership

Cosmopolitan's Bedroom Blog is steamy stuff.

When Carter kissed me, it wasn’t for a brief moment. It was a kiss that carried us from one hot moment against the painting, my hands dipping underneath his pajama pants and sliding around, gripping his hard ass. It was a kiss where he growled my name and wrapped his hands around my waist, picking me up and carrying me to the wooden farm table, setting me on its surface, his hands busy as they yanked my shirtdress out from underneath my butt and pulled the thin fabric up and over my head.

Read the rest
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