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I did it in my head!

Last night Clara was working on her homework, part of which involved math problems — simple addition. (Math homework! In kindergarten! But that’s another post.) 2+2, 2+3, 6+0, etc. Karen set her up with a handful of clementines on the table and her homework folder.… Read the rest

Freedom from training wheels.

Jean helps Clara break free of her training wheels!At the start of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park, near the McLaren Lodge at Fell and Stanyan, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition holds a monthly “Freedom from Training Wheels” event to help kids learn to ride their bikes without training wheels.… Read the rest


Clara came home from the library yesterday with a copy of The Brain, by Seymour Simon. Last night she and I sat on the couch as she flipped through the book, showing me what the brain looks like dissected, in MRI, in models.… Read the rest

The best part of Halloween.

Her regal majesty, with luxury cloak by KarenClara, last night: “Daddy, do you know what the best part of Halloween is?”

“No, Clara, what’s that?”

“The part where the candy goes into your bucket.”

She confirmed that she likes that part even better than the part where you actually eat the candy.… Read the rest

Katamari takes over your brain.

uploaded by bitmapr.

A month or two ago, we were walking through a parking lot on our way to Fresh Choice when we walked by a young sycamore tree. There were a few sycamore seed pods lying on the ground: Small, round, hard green things with spikes sticking out all over.… Read the rest

2 weeks of immersion.

Two weeks into her Spanish-language immersion kindergarten class, Clara already knows at least three songs, ten separate color words, how to say she needs to go to the bathroom, how to count to thirteen, and the days of the week. Her pronunciation, while still quirky, already has more in common with a native speaker than you’d think: For instance, she says “d” in the Spanish way, with the tongue far forward between the teeth.… Read the rest

I’m the luckiest guy.

69 Love Songs album coverClara’s latest obsession is the Magnetic Fields song “The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side,” which also happens to be my favorite. She heard the very beginning of it yesterday, just as I was switching it off, and demanded to hear the whole thing.… Read the rest

Family photo tracking.

Just a note for those of you who are family members or especially interested friends: I’ve been posting photos in two places lately, Smugmug and Flickr. Here are the links to see the latest pictures (along with corresponding feed links, in case you’re using a news reader).… Read the rest

Clara the robot, the sequel.

Clara the robot Hey, look, my daughter’s on Boing Boing!

Boing Boing: Earth-children vs. Space Robots: things get ugly.

We are all so proud.

Read the rest

Mistaken identity.

Today after preschool a mom I haven’t seen before is putting her son into her car. She greets Clara effusively as we walk by on the sidewalk: “Oh, hello, sweetheart! I had so much fun talking with your grandma last week!”… Read the rest

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