Thanks for your careful attention to our blogs.

It may come as a surprise to you to find out that Wired publishes about 10 different blogs, accounting for a total of 50-100 articles per day, with a staff of about 25.

By contrast, Wired magazine publishes about 85-100 pages of stories per month with an editorial staff of 40 — and that’s not even counting the people who write most of the stories (who are freelancers) or the half-dozen interns.

As a medium, blogging is both faster-paced and less meticulous than magazine publishing. We have nowhere near the staff resources of our companion magazine, so we are unable to do many successive edits on each item we publish, as they do. And that’s not necessarily even desirable: In blogs, it’s important to be fast and to speak with a natural, individual voice, both of which would be lost with many-layered, magazine-style editing.

That said, I find typos and grammatical errors appalling, and I strive to eliminate as many of them as I can either before posts are published or shortly thereafter. Still, some get through. I’m grateful when commenters point those out, and I correct them when I hear about them.