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Sultans of Stride

Dylan Tweney 1 min read

Arnulfo Quimare and Scott Jurek, two of the greatest ultra-long distance runners right now.

“Got it!” Luis said, dropping back to show me the image in his digital camera. He’d sprinted ahead and wheeled around just in time to capture everything I’d come to understand about running over the past two years. It wasn’t Arnulfo’s and Scott’s matching form so much as their matching smiles; they were both grinning with sheer muscular pleasure, like dolphins rocketing through the waves.

“This one is going to make me cry when I get back home,” Luis (Escobar, the photographer) said. “It’s like getting Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle in the same shot.”

Text: Christopher McDougall, Born to Run, p. 252

Photo: Luis Escobar.

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Dylan Tweney


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