I’ll be a guest speaker at Racepoint Group, a PR firm, during the lunch hour today.

I’ll be talking about a few things Here’s what I planned on talking about. For what I actually said, see this summary by Caroline Kawashima: Dylan Tweney visits Racepoint.

If I get a chance, I’ll try to flesh some of these ideas out more. In the meantime, if you’ve got questions, ask away. I know these notes are pretty brief.

    • My background and how I ended up at Wired.com
    • Wired.com and WIRED magazine

Short answer: Owned by separate companies from about 1999 until 2006. Now both owned by Conde Nast, but with separate staffs. We’re friendly and cooperate with one another on many things. But we produce different kinds of stories. Wired.com = news site, primarily

Well. Traffic and revenue are up.

    • New projects / experiments

Wikis: eg our Data.gov story
Photo pools: Gadget Lab Flickr group
Reader comments: We’re trying to moderate/interact to a greater degree to get past the spam and the hate and focus reader intelligence on our stories. Journalists as conversation starters, not the definitive word on something.

  • How Wired and PR people can work with one another