Apostrophes and semicolons.

small version of semicolon stickerFor people who love punctuation, there’s always something to grieve about: Humans have trouble understanding semicolons, and computers can’t handle apostrophes. Fortunately, there is the Semicolon Appreciation Society for those of us who know and love this mark.

Apostrophes and semicolons.

4 thoughts on “Apostrophes and semicolons.

  1. Strange but true, Mike — people are using the dash more. Maybe not as a substitute for the comma, but it’s way more frequent than it used to be. Or should be.

  2. magyar says:

    I, without credentials, rely all too often on an ellipsis to indicate a pause. In my technical writing, I had often employed tildes between paragraphs to be sure of separation between each process; it has now been ignored for a long time, and I sincerly thank you for that.
    I now find the ‘squigglie’ an ugly mark. _m

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