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The iPhone is pretty damn fun.

I’ve been playing with an iPhone all weekend, and I haven’t had this much fun with a gadget in a long time. Is it useful? You bet. No phone does web browsing or email quite as well as this one. Plus it’s a great music player, video player, and photo browser, and it’s got tons of other features. But it’s not exactly a productivity tool: If you’re expecting to edit web pages, write long emails, or work on office documents, you’re looking at the wrong phone. It’s more of a lifestyle phone: Like iLife for your pocket. All you Mac fans will know what I’m talking about.

Check out my full reviews (and the rest of Wired News’ iPhone reviews) on Gadget Lab.

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  1. Song

    Hey Dylan, your website seems to be the only one with real hands on experience that goes beyond waiting in line and then opening the box! I love the autopsy. You guys crack me up. As you know, we run a web based mobile service. The browser behavior in the iPhone presents some new challenges for folks who have a browser based service. Tapping zooms the screen instead of activating URL. There is no 4 way navigation joystick or keypad that so many apps depend on. Looks like all the mobile web apps out there will have some work to do…

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