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GOP strategist gives advice to enviros.

Frank Luntz has some excellent advice for the environmental movement – seriously: GOP strategist Frank Luntz argues enviros are failing — and they’re mean to boot


  1. David Jensen

    Very sound advice from Luntz. I especially like his point on the collateral damage that resulted from the endangered species campaign — creation of a brand new, powerful constituency to oppose the efforts of the enviros. A remarkable and unwanted achievement. Reminds me a little of Bush’s achievements in Iraq.

    The energy independence comment also rang a bell. I was chatting with some conservative types the other day and was surprised at their strong support for energy independence. The way it came up was in terms of global warming. While they were not all signed on to the reality of the warming threat, they said a move for energy independence, which they endorsed, would help take care of a lot of the warming issues. True or not, their sentiments seemed to indicate that an energy independence pitch has a lot of of “hibachi.” (Re hibachi, check out Gilbert Arenas aka Agent Zero on the net.)

  2. Dylan

    I like the terms energy independence and conservation. I also like efficiency, economy, and responsibility — all terms which describe the way I think about using resources and taking care of the world. I also like “stewardship” which has some currency among Christian environmentalist. But while I consider myself an environmentalist, I actually dislike the term “environment” because of the way it has evolved to mean something out there, far away from where most people live.

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